Serving The Community

John was born and raised in Grandview and has always been proud to call it home.

John attended Grandview schools K-12 and graduated in 1997 before leaving for the United States Air Force.

After serving honorably in the Air Force, Big John returned home to Grandview and has enjoyed supporting many local charities in this community.

John has supported such local charities as A Player's Partner, the One By One Project, the Grandview Assistance Program (GAP), and Team Depot.

John accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour in 2010 and is a member of Manna Fellowship Church.

United By A Common Goal

John knows the value of being connected. 

That's why he is running for State Representative of District 37. 

Help him help you to:

  • Make your voices heard in Jefferson City, Missouri.
  • Fight for those unable to fight for themselves such as the unborn, children, elderly, and disabled.
  • Ensure honorable and ethical representation in our Capitol.
  • Create, change, and abolish legislation/laws/regulations as necessary to ensure personal freedoms and Constitutionally protected God given rights.

Get Involved

Your candidate can't win this race without your help. 

Volunteering, word-of-mouth, sharing on social media, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

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  • Volunteer to knock doors, organize fundraisers, or help work election polls on November 3, 2020